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“Selfie time!”

Janet rolled her eyes as her daughter pulled her close for a photo – surely bound for Facebook and Snapchat. She couldn’t blame Katie for her excitement though, both women had been eagerly looking forward to this trip all summer as they both had something to celebrate. With Janet turning 50 years old the same summer that her only daughter graduated high school, bound for college, Janet decided to treat the both of them to a mother daughter cruise as a celebration.

Janet had raised Katie as a single mother, ever since Katie’s father disappeared on a business trip to the Bahamas shortly after she was born. Although no trace was ever found, Janet suspected he had run off with his hot, young assistant. Though Janet had a few boyfriends over the years, she never remarried, though it wasn’t due to her looks. Despite a few stray wrinkles and a backside that grown just a bit too much in Janet’s mind, the busty blonde still turned some heads but she had become disheartened to find her fair share of grey hairs when she had recently touched up her close cut bob hairstyle. It was tough at times for Janet, but as Katie blossomed into a beautiful young woman, the two grew to become extremely close, which is why Janet was so heartbroken when Katie decided to attend a college clear across the country. Although supportive of her daughter’s desire to become an independent woman, Janet had selfishly wished that she could keep her daughter by her side forever, but logically she knew that Katie had to blossom on her own. As a consolation of sorts, Janet saved up enough to go on this week-long cruise as a last hurrah before she was left with an empty nest.

The trip was finally happening as the two women were shuttled from the airport to their cruise ship, bound for the Caribbean Sea. While Janet was eager to have some fun with her daughter, 18-year-old Katie was eager to get a taste of some freedom and perhaps meet some cute guys. As much as she enjoyed spending time with her mother, her only real family, she couldn’t wait to get a taste of the college life on this cruise, knowing full well how lax the drinking laws are in many Caribbean islands. She was also eager for some fresh male attention. With the exception of her shoulder length dark brown hair, Katie had inherited her good looks from her mother, sporting vibrant blue eyes, perky c-cup breasts and a tight butt that drew the attention of virtually every one of her male classmates.

“Thanks, Mom. I wanted to make sure I sent out one last picture before we leave civilization.”

“That’s fine, but just remember, I paid a lot of money for this cruise. I don’t want you spending the entire trip buried in your phone” Janet reminded her daughter.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll find some other kids to hang with” Katie tried to reassure her mother.

“Ok, honey” Janet replied with a hint of disappointment. “Just don’t leave me hanging all week.”

Unfortunately for Janet, her fears came to fruition. Within the first day of boarding the cruise, she hardly saw her daughter, who was busy socializing with her fellow young adults. Although Janet was enjoying herself, relaxing by the pool and taking advantage of the great food and drinks, the cruise wasn’t turning out to be the bonding experience she had hoped. At dinner on the second night of the trip, she decided to take action.

“Honey, we have our first stop tomorrow. I was hoping you and I could spend the day together. We can go shopping and enjoy some Caribbean culture.”

“But I was gonna spend the afternoon in the pool with some of the other kids!” Katie lied to her mother. She really wanted to take advantage of the legal alcohol on the island without her mother’s knowledge.

“No buts young lady. You can spend the rest of the cruise with your new friends. I want you and I to have at least one full day together” Janet replied somewhat forcefully, not enjoying the thought of her daughter alone with boys that she had just met. “It’ll be fun, don’t worry.”

“Ugh, fine” Katie was somewhat disappointed, but she was starting to feel a little bad for ditching her mom so quickly. After all, she did pay for this trip and there were still a couple more stops on the trip to drink at.

The next morning, as the ship docked at the island of Bonaire, the two women got ready to take in the island. Janet donned an elegant, yet comfortable sundress with a floral pattern while her daughter went with short white shorts, a fashionable tank top and her favorite large sunglasses, which Janet had always playfully teased looked like bug eyes.  After enjoying a quick breakfast, Janet and Katie disembarked the ship and headed into town.

Unfortunately, the port town was a dud. Most of the shops only sold tacky merchandise, tailored to dumb tourists, and anything worth buying was out of their budget. The two women were starting to head back to the ship after a disappointing shopping trip when Katie noticed a handsome man, not much older than she, sitting at a booth away from the rest of the merchants.  Almost yanking her mother down the street, Katie walked over to inquire what the young man might be selling.

“Why hello there. What’s two pretty ladies like you doing in a dirty place like this?” the young man asked his visitors.

“Oh, we’re here on that cruise” Katie answered, motioning to the large ship nearby. Clearly smitten by this good-looking guy, she unconsciously began twirling her hair and pulled her shoulders back, pushing out her chest. “What about you? Why is your booth so isolated? And what are you even selling?”

“Oh, I’m not selling anything, well not directly anyway. I’m from a farm on the other side of the island. We grow sugarcane and use it to make Pleasure Punch, our own special drink we sell to the bars here in town” the young man answered “I like to offer a tour of our grounds to tourists every once in a while. You two wouldn’t be interested in joining me would you?”

“We’re flattered, but she’s too young to be drinking” Janet replied before Katie had a chance to accept the invitation.

“But mom, it’s legal here!” Katie complained. “Besides, shouldn’t I learn how to drink in a supervised environment before I go off to school?” The young woman knew exactly how to push her mother’s buttons.

“I’m still not sure” Janet said as she pondered Katie’s plea. She was definitely intrigued at the prospect of seeing tropical drinks being made, and she did want to spend as much time as possible with her daughter. “Will you be able to get us back to the ship before it leaves Mr…?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Where are my manners? My name is Marco. And of course, I guarantee you’ll be right where you need to be when the ship leaves” he responded.

Janet was almost convinced to go, but she had one lingering question. “How much is it?”

“Oh, I can’t possibly accept payment, ma’am” Marco assured her. “In fact, I can give you two a couple of free samples of Pleasure Punch to enjoy on the way to the farm.”

Free alcohol was enough to push Janet over the edge, finally agreeing to join Marco at his farm. The trio soon made their way down the busy streets of the port town, stopping only briefly at an unmarked building so that Marco could procure a couple drinks for his guests. Oddly, he would not allow the women to join him inside as he retrieved the drinks, but they paid it no mind once he emerged holding a couple glasses. Wasting no more time, Marco ushered his guests to his nearby car as they began the drive across the island.

“Now don’t drink that so fast, honey. You don’t want that all going to your head” Janet warned her daughter as they enjoyed their complementary beverages while taking in the scenic island views. As they lost sight of their ship behind them, the two women couldn’t help but notice all of the donkeys behind several nearby enclosures.

“Hey Marco, what’s with all the donkeys” Katie asked her driver between sips.

“Oh, that’s the Donkey Sanctuary.  They bring the animals in from all over the Caribbean. The tourists seem to love it” Marco replied. “Now we’re getting close, my farm is actually right next door. I expect those drinks to be empty before we get there” he playfully instructed his passengers.

Janet and Katie needed no further instruction as they both happily finished off their drink as they arrived at their destination. Just as quickly as they finished their drinks, Janet felt nature’s call. “Excuse me, Marco? Where’s your ladies’ room? I think that Pleasure Punch went right through me” Janet asked.

“Of course. Follow me, the guest bathroom is up this way” Marco said as he led his guests to the facilities at the edge of the farm. “Take your time here and when you’re ready, you can meet me in the main building over there” he said motioning to the quaint homestead nearby.

“Thank you so much” Janet said as they arrived at the outhouse-like structure. “Katie, do you mind waiting for me?”

“No, it’s ok. I actually have to go myself”

As Janet relieved herself, Marco excused himself and made his way to the main building where his father and business partner was waiting. “A fruitful trip into town I see” David remarked.

“Oh yeah. The young one was a piece of cake, but the older one took a bit of convincing” Marcos replied. “They both took to the drink fast enough though so I’m sure we won’t have any issues. I even gave them different formulas for some extra entertainment.”

“Well, why didn’t you say so? Quick, make sure the doors are locked and let’s head downstairs before we miss anything” David said as he made his way to a central control room where the two men could watch closed circuit feeds from cameras strewn throughout the grounds, eagerly anticipating the coming changes to his latest victims.

“All yours” Janet said to her daughter who took her turn using the bathroom. While Katie was doing her business, Janet made her way to a nearby fence to steady herself as she examined her feet, which had begun feeling sore shortly after arriving at the farm. She was about to remove her shoe to see if something was stuck inside when she was distracted by the obnoxious braying of a donkey in the field next door. Although they had seen dozens of donkeys on their drive over, this one in particular seemed to have a fascination with Janet and wouldn’t leave her alone, almost as if it was trying to tell her something. Through the loud braying, Janet was unable to hear a loud ripping sound coming from her sundress. Just above her ample backside, a rope-like object was snaking its way out of Janet’s lower back as a thick coat of grey hair quickly grew in, followed by a long black tassel at the end.

“Ok, ready to go?” Katie asked as she exited the bathroom, finding her mother staring at the neighboring donkey sanctuary.

“What? Oh yea, let’s…” Janet started to answer when she caught sight of her daughter. It was the strangest thing; Katie’s long brown hair was gone. Instead, atop her head was short, shaggy brown hair with what looked like a black Mohawk running down the center. “Honey, what did you do to your hair?” Janet asked.

“What? Nothing! What are you talking ab…” Katie replied, confused, until she reached for her head only to find her long, silky hair was missing. “Anyway, you’re one to talk. Where’d you get that goofy looking tail?”

The two women, suddenly both extremely concerned, both began examining their own bodies. Janet reached her hands around to her back, making their way down until they came in contact with her newfound tail. All the while, Katie probed the top of her head, befuddled at the sudden loss of her beautiful locks. “What’s going on, mom?” Katie asked.

“I don’t know but whatever’s happening, let’s see if Marco can help us” Janet said, trying to calm down her worried daughter. As the pair made their way to the main building, Janet tripped, seemingly over her own feet, tumbling to the ground and losing her shoes in the process. As she composed herself, Janet was awestruck by the sight of her toes – or lack thereof. At the ends of each of her feet, a dark mass had formed, absorbing her toes in the process, and it was seemingly still growing.

“Oh my god, mom! What happened to your feet!?!?” Katie asked as she ran over to help her mother up, removing her sunglasses to get a better view.

“My feet? What happened to your eyes!?!?” Janet replied as she looked up at her daughter. Instead of the bright blue eyes she had fallen in love with 18 years ago, Janet only saw black with no traces of white in her daughter’s eyes.

“Huh?” Katie replied, quickly running back to the bathroom to see her eyes for herself in the mirror. An earth-shattering scream was soon heard, as Katie ran immediately back to her mother. “Mom, I’m scared” she cried.

“I know, honey, but we need to get some help before we get any worse” Janet calmly reassured Katie as she tried to regain her footing to no avail. “Katie, I need you to help me up, sweetie.”

As Katie bent over to help her mother up, she simply stared in shock as her feet continued to change. While her toes had finished merging and hardening, Janet’s feet began to stretch, forcing her to stand on what was once her toes, but could now only be considered hooves. After only a few steps, grey fur began to appear on her changing feet and legs, but Janet was too preoccupied to care.

In fact, both women were determined to reach their host as Katie was unaware of her own continuing changes as her ears began changing. At first, the tops of her ears merely became points, but soon, they grew in earnest until they were several inches long and stuck straight up into the air. It was only when Katie reached up to scratch at the sensation of her ears growing their own brown fur that she realized something was wrong. Stopping in her tracks, Katie was in a state of disbelief as she felt the long, furry ears where her petite ears should have been. She even pulled them in front of her face, both to confirm that she wasn’t imagining things and as a futile attempt to pull them off of her head.

While she had been focusing on maintaining her balance on her changing feet, Janet gingerly turned around when she realized that her daughter was no longer at her side. As she looked upon her terrified daughter, Janet caught sight of the donkeys in the field behind them. Seeing Katie’s head and feeling her newfound tail swishing behind her, Janet came to a gut-wrenching realization. “Honey, I think we’re turning into donkeys!” she said to her confused daughter.

“Oh my god, you’re right!” Katie shouted as she tried her best to regain her composure. “But how is this even possible?”

“I don’t know but I don’t really want to wait any longer, come on let’s go get help” Janet said as she resumed her trek to the main building where her host could surely help them. Walking as fast as they could, the women’s pace was slowed by Janet’s changing legs. What used to be her feet and calves continued to stretch and expand while her thighs shortened, leaving her with very equine-like legs.

In due time, however, the changing women reached their destination only to find the door locked and the windows all sealed shut. Determined not to give up, Katie made her way around the building while Janet pounded on the door, hoping someone, anyone would be able to hear her. All the while, the fur that had grown in above her hooves continued to consumer her once beautiful legs. Soon, Janet’s lower half was indistinguishable from a real donkey’s, even if they were too small to belong to a true animal.

Katie soon returned from her determined mission around the house with bad news. “All of the doors are locked and I couldn’t see if anyone was inside” she reported to her mother. Frustrated, Katie approached a nearby window and began pounding her fist, screaming in hopes that someone would hear her pleas.

“Marco!?!? Are you in there!?!? Marco!? M-HAW-rco!?!?” she shouted, taken aback by the odd sound that had escaped her lips. “Mom? Did that come out of me-EEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWW” Katie brayed as she slapped her hands to her face, covering her mouth to prevent any more animalistic sounds from escaping her lips.

Janet timidly nodded her head as she covered her mouth with her hands as well, but she was doing so to keep herself from letting out a scream of terror. She stood helpless as she watched her daughter’s beautiful face become overwhelmed with the brown fur that adorned her ears. At the same time, Katie’s mouth began pulling away from the rest of her face and her nostrils flared and stretched.

Removing her hands from her expanding face, Katie desperately turned to her mother. “M-HAWW-m! Wh-HAWWW-t’s h-HAWW-pening!?!?” Katie was finding it difficult to speak as her mouth continued to push out, forming a donkey’s snout. Inside her expanding mouth, Katie’s pearly white teeth grew blocky and yellow, while her tongue flattened and lengthened. All the while, Katie’s nose merged with what used to be her upper lip as her nostrils became comically large and migrated to the edges of her now fully formed snout.

“HEE HAW! HEE HAW! HEE HAW” Katie brayed in a futile attempt to speak to her stunned mother, who was crying for her poor daughter.

“Oh honey, what’s happened to you?” Janet asked, knowing the answer to her own question.  Reaching out to her daughter’s furry cranium, Janet and Katie both felt around, holding out hope that they could somehow find Katie’s beautiful face somewhere inside her new asinine visage.

Returning to reality (although she was still in disbelief that this was actually happening), Janet remembered that they needed to find some help for their current predicament. “Come on, honey. We can’t just stand here. We have to go find some help” Janet said, doing her best to remain strong for her terrified daughter. “Let’s go see if we can find anyone else around.”

“HAWWWWWWWWWWWWW” Katie responded, hoping that she could somehow respond with the words she so desperately wanted to communicate, instead opting for an approving nod of her massive head. Katie quickly making her way to the road they had arrived on, only to abruptly stop and return to the house when she realized her mother was struggling to walk on her equine legs. Propping Janet up, the transforming mother and daughter made their way away from the farm, awkwardly at first but they quickly found their stride.

“There we go honey, keep it up” Janet did her best to encourage Katie as they walked, soon followed by a determined silence, both women focused on the task at hand. After several minutes, however, the silence was broken by a tearing sound. Looking around for the source of the sound, Katie brayed in terror as she pointed towards her mother’s backside. Janet’s dress was tearing at the seams as her legs began to thicken while her already ample backside was expanding outward, gaining new muscles to complement her legs. Hips widening in the process, Janet’s panties were torn to shreds, no match for what was quickly becoming authentic donkey hindquarters, complete with thick grey fur.

“HAWWWWWW! HEE HAW!” Katie brayed as she pointed at Janet’s new rear end. Although indistinguishable from any other donkey’s call, Janet could tell that her daughter was growing even more terrified.

“Honey, I’m fine. Really” Janet lied as she examined her latest changes. “Come on, we have to keep moving.” With Katie once again propping up her mother, the two women carried on even though Janet remained hunched over while walking, no longer able to stand entirely upright. After several more minutes of silent walking, Katie’s long ears perked up, picking up an approaching vehicle from behind them. Tapping her mother on the shoulder, determined avoiding vocal communication whenever possible, Katie turned Janet’s attention to the road behind them. Soon, a pickup truck came into view. With both donkey women waving their arms furiously to grab the driver’s attention, the beat up truck pulled up to the side of the road.

“Oh, thank you so much, sir. Something terrible is happening to my daughter and I. We desperately need a ride into town” Janet pleaded to the handsome older gentleman who was behind the wheel.

With a stunned expression on his face, the man composed himself, “Say no more. I can’t fit ya both in here with me, but if you don’t mind riding in back, I can give ya a ride into town.”

“Oh thank you! Thank you!” Janet replied. Too excited to give a formal “yes” to the nice man, Janet and Katie made their way into the truck’s bed. Almost immediately, they were off. Breathing a sigh of relief, Janet tried to catch her breath and calm down, only to find her heart sink upon catching sight of her daughter. In stunned silence, Katie held her hands in front of her asinine face, flexing her fingers, which were quickly darkening and hardening.

“HEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWW!” Katie broke the silence as she brayed in fear, watching as her delicate fingers were forced together, fusing together by an invisible force and hardening. Soon, black equine hooves adorned Katie’s arms. Now in full panic mode, Katie banged her hooves against the side of the truck, masking the sound of Janet’s dress tearing and bra snapping off as Janet’s body began to elongate and expand, matching the girth of her back end. As her stomach barreled out, absorbing her womanly breasts in the process, Janet finally became aware of her latest predicament as she was overwhelmed by an itching sensation of grey fur covering her torso.

While Janet and Katie were preoccupied with their changing bodies, they failed to notice their driver and turned the truck around, now heading back in the direction of the farm and away from the port town. While Katie continued to bemoan the loss of her hands, Janet eventually realized the change of course that had occurred.

After awkwardly sliding her large, donkey body toward the truck’s cab, Janet pounded on the window and shouted to the driver, “Hey, we need to head to town! It’s back that way” as she motioned behind the truck.

“Oh don’t worry, I know a shortcut!” the driver shouted back.

There was something about the whole situation that didn’t sit right with Janet, but she was distracted as her daughter’s angry hoof banging intensified. Looking back at her daughter, Janet was horrified to see Katie’s arms lengthening. With brown fur growing in, matching her donkey face, Katie’s arms lost their flexibility and quickly became true forelegs of a donkey.

With this latest change consuming both women’s full attention, they failed to notice as the truck pulled into the farm where their predicament began. Janet and Katie became aware of their location as the truck pulled into a barn.

“Hey what the hell is going on!?!?” Janet yelled to the driver. “Where the hell are…”

Janet was interrupted by the loud crack of a whip. In stunned silence, both donkey women turned to the source of the sound to find Marco standing with a sinister look on his face. “Now, now. We wouldn’t want our newest residents to run away now would we?”

“You son of a bitch!” Janet shouted in anger. “You did this to us! You won’t get away…”

Janet was cut off yet again by another crack of the whip. “Tsk tsk. Such language” Marco mocked his prisoners. “If I were you, I wouldn’t want to piss off the guy with the whip.” As angry as she was, Janet realized he was right and she held her tongue as the driver of the truck stepped out, making his way over to Marco’s side.

“Well done, son” he remarked. Noticing the befuddlement on both women’s faces, even on Katie’s asinine face, the older man turned to them and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, where are my manners? My name is David. My son, Marco, and I run this little operation. I didn’t mean to deceive you earlier, but we couldn’t have you two slipping away from us now could we?”

Producing a bridle and a rope, David motioned for the donkey women to step out of the truck, “Come on now, let’s not make this harder than it needs to be.”  Looking at each other, seemingly waiting for the other to make the first move, Janet and Katie merely stayed in place, frozen in fear.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake” Marco muttered to himself as he approached the two donkey women and yanked them onto the straw-covered floor. Dealing with the younger victim first, Marco grabbed the bridle from his father’s hands and attached it to Katie’s snout, the defeated donkey woman offering little resistance. Determined to rob her of any sign of humanity, Marco proceeded to rip off Katie’s clothes, knowing she would soon have no use for them.

“Such a shame, you were so beautiful” Marco remarked as he grabbed a hefty handful of Katie’s tight rear end. “But business is business” he concluded, as he tied Katie to a hitch in the corner of the barn.

“You keep your hands off of my daughter, you bastard!” Janet yelled as she tried to gather herself beside the truck.

“Oh, I’m just admiring while I still can. Besides, you seem to be forgetting something” Marco teased as he motioned to his whip. Once he was sure Katie was secured to her hitch, Marco quickly approached Janet, ripped off the remnants of her dress and dragged her to a second post, securing her hooves to the post with the rope.

“Welp, we’ll let you donkeys have your privacy” David proclaimed as he and Marco returned to the truck. “We’ll check back on ya in a few hours.” And with that, the father and son drove off, leaving mother and daughter alone and trapped.

Both women soon put all of their strength into escaping, yet quickly realized their efforts were pointless. Janet, no longer able to stand up straight thanks to her massive donkey body, was unable to generate enough strength to pull herself free. Katie, meanwhile, found any attempts at yanking on her hitch merely caused her bridle to painfully dig into her skull.  Defeated, the two women sat in stunned silence, only broken up by Janet’s sorrowful weeping.

“Oh Katie, sweetie, I never meant for this to happen” she said through her tears. “If only I hadn’t booked this stupid vacation” she yelled as she pounded her hands against the floor, noting a newfound numbness akin to what she felt in her feet. Janet gasped as she watched her hands undergo the same metamorphosis as her daughters’ had mere minutes ago. Janet stared helplessly as grey fur overtook her arms, which soon grew longer until Janet was able to comfortable stand on four hooves like a common donkey.

Katie, meanwhile, wanted desperately to console her mother. If it weren’t for her lost speaking ability, she’d be reassuring Janet that their current predicament wasn’t her fault as neither of them had any idea that this sort of thing was even possible. While powerlessly watching her mother bemoan the loss of her hands and arms, Katie felt her shoulders expanding outward, her spine cracking as it lengthened and an overall unpleasant sensation of her belly expanding.

“HEE HAW! HEE HAW! HEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWW!” Katie let out a panicked series of brays as her body was consumed by the donkey that she was fast becoming. After her mane lengthened down her massive neck and a wave of fur consumed her massive body, Katie stood hunched over awkwardly on her fore hooves and her human feet.

With her daughter’s cries distracting her from her own changes, Janet was disheartened to look up to see the last remnants of her sweet, innocent daughter transform to match the rest of the ass that she was becoming. Toes melding together, her feet and legs stretched and compressed much as Janet’s had earlier until Katie was left standing on four authentic donkey hooves. The final nail in the coffin for Katie appeared as a ropey tail quickly grew above her massive backside, complete with brown fur and a black tassel – Katie was now a complete ass.

“HAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! HEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWWW!” Katie brayed as loud as she could, as she felt her changes cease.  Meanwhile, Janet was an inconsolable mess as she watched, helplessly, as her only daughter became a beast of burden before her very eyes.

“No!!!! Baby, no!!!” Janet cried in pure terror between her sobs. However, she didn’t have much of an opportunity to weep for her daughter before her own final transformation began as her carefully maintained hair receded into her scalp, replaced by the same grey fur that adorned the rest of her body, as well as a shaggy black mane, which made its way down her back. When Janet’s ears shot up soon afterwards, she knew she didn’t have much time left.

Turning to her donkey daughter, whose ears were drooping in sadness, Janet pleaded, “Honey, before it’s too late, I want you to know that I love you.” As fur overwhelmed her face, Janet’s face began to push outward. “I’ll HAW-lways be here for your, sw-HEE-tie. I love you, Kat-HEE HAWWWWWWW! HEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWWW!” Janet cried as her own transformation ran its course, leaving two scared donkeys standing alone in the barn.

The two jennies simply stood there, braying for the next several hours. At first, the brays were coming from a combination of fear and desperation, but eventually, more primal needs took over – mainly hunger. Eventually, Marco returned to check on his latest victims. Satisfied to find two complete donkeys mindlessly braying, Marco cracked his whip on the ground to gain their attention.

“Now, since I’m not a heartless monster, I’m going to give you a bit of freedom and untie you, but I want to make one thing abundantly clear” Marco lectured his new pets. “You can try to run but I can assure you, you won’t get far in your present condition and even if you do manage to escape, you’re much more likely to meet an untimely demise out there than you are here. Understood?”

Janet and Katie looked at each other, then back at Marco and nodded their asinine heads.

“Very well then, you’ll spend the night in here before we find a permanent home for you tomorrow” Marco said as he fastened a bridle to Janet’s head before untying her hooves. Janet ran as fast as she could on her new legs to her daughter, nuzzling her snout up against Katie’s in an effort to comfort her.

After untying Katie, Marco threw a couple of hay bales into the barn and closed the door behind him. While they continued to comfort each other as best they could in their animal bodies, both Janet and Katie’s hunger became too strong to ignore. Both donkeys made their way over to the hay bales and cautiously took a bite. Much to their surprise, they didn’t mind the taste and eagerly went back for more.


Janet was startled as she looked up to see her daughter looking out the sole window of the barn, crying out to something. Trotting over to get a look, Janet could see their cruise ship sailing past the farm and off to its next destination with two fewer passengers.

As they watched their former life sail off into the horizon, the two donkeys returned to the hay bales. As they resumed their meal, Janet could only stare at the animal beside her as a depraved thought entered her mind. She had so desperately wanted to keep Katie from leaving her, and now they were trapped, quite literally, on an island together. In a perverted way, she had gotten exactly what she wanted. Janet nuzzled against her daughter as they both pondered what their new lives had in store for them. Both donkeys took solace in the fact that they were in this together – as mother and daughter.
I had the idea for this story for a while and I finally got the chance to put it all together. Hope you all enjoy!

I did a bit of research too and the donkey sanctuary is a real place. Who knew?
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Computer-Faced Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I must be tired, but I read 'Mother-Slaughter Cruise' instead of the correct title. Nice story!
b-ridge Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015
Great job, you really made me care about Janet and Katie. I almost wanted them to be able to escape their fate by the end of the story. Almost.
j-pwn Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015
Wow, thanks. I was actually a little worried some of those details would be too boring so I'm glad at least someone liked it!
stallionbabe Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014
Awesome :)
j-pwn Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014
Thanks, glad you liked it!
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